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Learn how to break free from alcohol with hypnotherapy

Excessive alcohol consumption is becoming an increasing problem in the UK.


If you are consuming more than 14 units (six pints of beer or 10 glasses of wine) a week you could be putting your health at risk. More and evidence is becoming available that shows link between certain cancers and excessive drinking. 


There is no safe level of drinking only low risk drinking and regularly drinking over the recommended weekly limit of 14 units could lead to the development of cancers of the throat mouth and breast along with diseases of the liver and heart,  strokes damage to the nervous system and brain damage. 


The rise of binge drinking has seen many people seeking help with hypnotherapy at London Hypnosis. Binge drinking is defined as consuming lots of alcohol in a short space of time typically more than eight units of alcohol for men and more than six for women. 


Binge drinking can lead to serious complications such as alcohol poisoning and heart disease along with physical injuries.


London Hypnosis can help you move forward with poweful hypnotherpy techniques.




Matt Jacobs MSc at London hypnosis has help hundreds of people tackle excessive alcohol consumption and binge drinking using hypnotherapy. 


Often, drinking too much alcohol or binge drinking can be a symptom of other complications such stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, relationship/work issues, etc.


By identifying these underlying issues and working through these with hypnosis and hypnotherapy to resolution, the desire to drink often subsides. 


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help with excessive alcohol consumption.


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The first step is recognising a problem exists with drinking too much alcohol.


By being honest with yourself and identifying the patterns of excessive or binge drinking can help to you move forward and curb your drinking or even stop completely if that is the goal.


Matt Jacobs MSc has a huge about of experience in using hypnosis and hypnotherapy for alcohol abuse and can help in a caring, confidential manner ho help you achieve the results you want. 


London Hypnosis does not treat alcoholism as this a different approach and Matt feels that hypnotherapy is not appropriate for lasting success.


Hypnosis is a powerful approach however for those have come through alcoholism and are seeking help in rebuilding areas of their life. 


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