Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks at London Hypnosis

Let go of panic with hypnotherapy

Panic attacks can be terrifying for the sufferer.


Physical symptoms can include rapid irregular breathing, racing heartbeats, sweating, vertigo, nausea amongst others. Someone suffering from panic attacks can feel as if they're experiencing a heart attack or they are going to die.


Lasting from a few minutes up to an hour panic attacks can be debilitating and lead to a vicious cycle of anxiety and worry about experiencing an attack which can develop into avoidance behaviour such as agoraphobia. 


The good news about panic attacks is that in isolation, they are not dangerous. They are merely your body reacting to what it perceives as stress.


The sympathetic nervous system (known more commonly as the fight or flight response) prepares the body to react against danger and releases hormones such as adrenaline causing the heart rate to increase and muscles to tense.

Our bodies react to mental stress the same way they do to physical attacks. They prepare themselves to fight or to flee.


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If we receive an expected bill we can experience symptoms of panic as if we are under physical threat. It’s a throwback to our caveman days when we were under constant physical threat. 


With hypnosis and hypnotherapy you can learn to retrain your brain to react in a far more appropriate way. You can learn to break free from the cycle of panic.


Often, by learning some simple, easy to learn techniques you can make huge progress letting go go panic.

If you are experiencing frequent episodes of panic it is import to first visit your GP as you could be suffering from panic disorder.


London Hypnosis regularly treats panic attacks and panic disorder using a variety of tailored techniques using, hypnosis, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, mindfulness, breathing techniques, Eye Movement Desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) and simple relaxation. 


In most cases, panic attack sufferers can resolve their condition in around three to six sessions. 


The panic is simply a learned response to situation. With hypnotherapy and hypnosis it is possible to learn far more appropriate, behaviours, thought patterns and responses.


No one should live in fear or experience panic. You can learn to break free. Taking the first step is often the hardest.


Take that step today and begin to move forward.

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